Bounty Hunter

Character concept art for the protagonist of an action/adventure game.
The brief for the character was a 20 to mid 20ish, female, skilled, bounty hunter, with an arm prosthetic.
This left a lot open to my imagination, I went from fantasy, to sci-fi, to normal every day but practical outfits.
The game never finished development.

Sietske hereijgers outfit 1 and 2 colour

First concept was with clothes that could be worn in our day and age, but would be practical for fighting, climbing, and jumping around a lot. With a robot/mechanic arm prosthetic.

Sietske hereijgers outfit 3 and 4 colour

Fantasy inspired cothing, experimenting with hair styles that are both stylish and practical.

Sietske hereijgers outfit 5 and 6 colour

On the left a knight like inspired concept with bronze armor pieces and a damaged red cape. On the right a sci-fi police inspired outfit with bulky armor.

Sietske hereijgers outfit 7 colour

Fantasy and tropical inspired outfit with a mechanical device that seems to be implanted/connected to her spine. It was established at this point that her weapon would be a boomerang.

Sietske hereijgers outfit 8 clour

This concept pushed the idea of her having not one, but 4 missing limbs.